Does Your Barcode Taste Good?

While QR codes have been rampantly appearing on marketing collateral and packaging, it’s not often you see a 2D barcode on a food product. At this year’s NRF show, Microsoft personnel handed out free chocolates, proudly adorned with the Microsoft Tag.

Although made of chocolate, the Tag still scanned with ease and took participants to a YouTube video, which surely Microsoft was tracking. That’s the beauty of 2D barcodes such as Microsoft Tag.

Admittedly, people, including myself, still argue over using QR codes vs. Microsoft Tag, but I’ve implemented both QR code campaigns and Microsoft Tag campaigns for similar events and received a close amount of scans. While some people complained about having to download the Microsoft Tag app, most people did not mind, and in the end, I still got my metrics.

I’m interested to see if more companies will begin using QR codes or Microsoft Tags on food. Imagine buying a box of cookies that had different 2D barcodes on them, creating a more interactive food experience. Would you like to see barcodes on your food, or should they stay on the box? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.