Do More with Less by Implementing Vending Technology

The newest LEAN solution to inventory management offers internet-based innovative technology that improves worker productivity, outsources technical support, reduces MRO costs, and increases overall program efficiency.

This low cost technology, including new buy/subscription programs represents a powerful force in waste reduction. Hosted software takes the pressure off of IT departments, as the entire program is easily accessible via any internet connection. Implementation is simple with outstanding support throughout the process. With flexible programs that your sales force can clearly communicate as an advantage to customers, APEX dispensing solutions offer unprecedented marketing efforts on their clients’ behalf.

While many manufacturing plants offer open tool cribs for one or two shift, APEX dispensing systems allow 24/7 access to important inventory that allows technicians to compete their work around the clock. This increased accessibility leads to an uptick in production and efficiency throughout the organization. Tool crib managers are then free to focus on higher level tasks that puts the company ahead of its competition.

Internet-based self-serve vending machines offer employees the freedom to do their best work, without sacrificing accountability for expensive equipment. Automated tracking, identification of overuse, and the constant availability of real-time data from anywhere there’s an Internet connection make these vending systems a valuable addition to the inventory management process. Managers have the power to limit employee access to any piece of equipment over a set period of time from any Internet connection. This feature reduces consumption by as much as 30%. With automated reordering and controlled MRO supply usage, costs plummet.

Placing high-demand items close to work areas in large plants reduces the time it takes employees to get to the tools they need when they need them without risking lost inventory. Emergency sourcing, stockouts, and missing items are a thing of the past with APEX dispensing solutions. Lack of a mission-critical item may stop production or at least slow productivity to the point that a company begins to lose money due to unavailable equipment. These types of problems are non-existent in a plant that uses APEX dispensing solutions.

Integrating an APEX dispensing solution from APEX Supply Chain Technologies into a business operations plan offers a proven way to decrease costs, gain new customers, improve processes, and reduce waste.