DIY Vector QR Codes

A free vector QR code generator can be hard to find these days. Learn why your print ads need vector codes and how to get them!

As more and more companies look to make QR codes a part of their marketing campaigns, many are using 3rd party vendors such as NeoMedia and BeQRious to take their brand to the next level, but what if your small company can’t afford it?

While there are a lot of free QR code generators out there, such as the Kaywa reader, most of these sites do not offer high resolution or vector QR codes, without a fee or signing up. Since QR codes are often used in print advertisements, low resolution, web-based graphics cannot be used. If your company is placing an ad in a publication, placing a low-resolution, RGB image in an ad will not be acceptable… so what’s an in-house graphic designer to do?

Aside from generating a large QR code, copy and pasting it into Photoshop and resizing it, and having to use it fairly small, there are some generators out there that allow for free vector QR code downloading.

I’ve been using this free QR code generator, which allows you to get your QR code in a variety of different formats, including .eps (vector). It even allows a transparent foreground/background option and color choices for both… all free of charge! Just be sure to keep in mind that QR codes with a light background color and dark foreground color will scan best.

If you know of any other free vector QR code generators, please share with us below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.