Displaying QR Codes on an LED Screen

More and more companies are using LED screens in order to showcase their interactive advertising campaigns. QR codes are often used on these LED display ads, however, its important to consider the limitations of QR code scanability on LED displays.

One common error that affects QR code scanability are position detection patterns. The position detection patterns are located in three of the four corners of a QR code, allowing omni-directional, high-speed scanning. However, if the refresh rate of the LED screen is low, the barcode scanner, especially on a smartphone, could capture the picture at an incomplete state, causing the code to be unreadable.

Another all too common problem with displaying QR codes on an LED screen is the module distortion of the QR code. When an LED screen can’t display a high resolution grayscale image, QR code modules blend together, distorting the contrast for the camera of a smartphone. In addition, if an LED can’t render the image scaling correctly due to a video processor, the image of the QR code could be distorted, also affecting scanning.

As you can see, there are a lot of considerations to address when using QR codes on an LED display. Finding a good LED screen with an optimal refresh rate and brightness settings is crucial. Learn more about choosing the right LED display for your QR code campaigns.