Disney Enforces Mug Refills with UPC Barcodes

Throughout the Walt Disney World Resorts, refillable mugs are offered for guests during their stay for self-serve beverage stations. While the 32-ounce mug entails unlimited drinks for the length of a guests stay, many guests are taking advantage of the system by bringing their mugs back from a previous vacation, months and even years later.

In order to counter guests abusing the system, Disney is working on a new UPC barcoding system. The system will be tested at the water park before being implemented across all of Disney, and will hopefully prevent unauthorized drink refills. For the test, barcodes will only be active for one day, the day of purchase, and from there, the UPC barcodes will only be activated for the length of a guests stay.

Once scanned, the barcodes will let clerks know if a guest is using a mug from a previous stay and the guest will have to purchase a new one if they’d like to continue with their bottomless cups.

Seems like a good solution, I’m just surprised that Disney did not do something like this sooner!