Direct Part Mark Barcode Scanners

I received this question a few weeks ago and thought it might be helpful for others using Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes.

Question– Ever worked with reading barcodes that are laser marked on metal tags?  Trying to do this but having difficulties, might be too reflective or not enough contrast, not really sure.

Answer- Thanks for your question.  I myself have never worked with reading barcodes that are laser marked, but I know that sometimes getting good reads can be difficult.  Lighting, contrast, positioning of the scanner and the scanner you’re using all make a big difference.  If you’re having trouble with your existing barcode scanner you may want to look into purchasing a DPM-enabled barcode scanner.  These scanners are capable of reading traditional barcodes as well as chemical etching, dot peening, laser etching, molding and casting methods. I know that Motorola has an extensive line of Direct Part Mark (DPM) scanners that are built to work for these types of scans.  If you’d like more information about DPM or help finding a DPM barcode scanner, please contact me at