Design the Next Barcode Scanner

Earlier this year, we discussed colored barcode scanners—why do they always have to be black, white or gray? What about pink?

Now, The Bar Code Media Group is giving barcode scanning enthusiasts a chance to change the scanner as we know it by hosting a contest. Anyone is welcome to enter and design a more appealing barcode scanner, but better hurry, the contest ends on Wednesday, August 29, at 10:37 a.m.

If people in the barcoding industry aren’t excited about barcode scanners, then how can we expect regular folk to be? Why can’t barcode scanners be exciting, vibrant, and fun? Self-proclaimed “barcode evangelist” Craig Aberle, Publisher of Bar Code Media Group, suggests that barcode scanners should reflect the personality of the retail environment. For example, a music store could have a Lady Gaga themed barcode scan, and perhaps even play music instead of the standard beep. Doing so would create a much more memorable consumer experience, and perhaps even excite retail personnel.

So, get to your drawing boards and think of a crafty barcode scanner—you could receive a $300 prize. Learn more, or enter now.