Demand Rising for Healthcare Device Management Solutions

One effect of the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare is that organizations need solutions to manage all of the data and network connections that these devices are providing. Embedded hardware and software, gateways and sensors all need to be managed, and this requires solutions and expertise that many healthcare companies do not currently have in place.

Physiological monitors, clinician wearables, mobile medical apps, ultrasound scanners, and other connected medical devices all need to be managed, and so do the applications that they work with. The infrastructure resources that deploy these mobile solutions need to be managed, and secure connections and wireless bandwidth need to be steadily available, even during periods of peak traffic.

Control and Network Visibility

Two of the key areas that healthcare organizations need to focus on to achieve successful wireless deployments are control and network visibility.

Network visibility allows healthcare organizations to control their devices and networks, and it shows IT staff how and when the connected medical devices in their network are communicating and where there is room for improvements to be made.

Meanwhile, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is being put to good use in this realm as it can facilitate the flow of information across the IT systems within an organization. It also helps organizations determine if they are wasting resources and uncover the best ways to use their infrastructure. This is often supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to provide yet another layer of data.

Health IT spending in 2016 nearly doubled investments in mobile health devices. Two of the most heavily funded healthcare technologies last year were wearable sensors and applications. As this area continues to grow, organizations in the healthcare field need a solid method of managing their devices and securing them in order to ensure they run smoothly and are not vulnerable to access by unauthorized parties.

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