Delta Global Services Improves Customer Service

Learn how the Intermec CS40 helped Delta Global Services Improve their customer service

When you think of automated data collection, efficiency and logistics come to mind, but what about customer service?

Intermec Technologies recently worked with Delta Global Services (DGS), a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, in order to improve customer service.

In order to better serve Delta’s disabled passengers, DGS needed a better way to improve accuracy, improve customer service and reduce the potential for getting fined in such a regulated industry.

After using handheld radios, PDAs and cell phones over the years, they decided it was necessary to invest in a solution that could handle 2D barcode scanning, in addition to wireless communications.

DGS deployed the Intermec CS40 to their dispatchers, eliminating scanning and data entry delays. The results? A 20% increase in productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of just how much the Intermec CS40 was able to improve customer relations and efficiencies at DGS.

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