Dave Reba of Barcoding, Inc. Gets Top Honors from Food Logistics

Barcoding, Inc.’s Consumables Sales Director Dave Reba has been honored with the 2018 Food Logistics Champion: Rock Star of the Supply Chain award. The publication bestows this coveted recognition on people and businesses within the food and beverage industry that have gone the extra mile to bring new levels of productivity, innovation, safety and efficiency to the food supply chain.

Reba emphasized the crucial role that consumer-facing labels play in building trust in food and drink brands. He believes that designing labels that clearly list a product’s nutritional facts, ingredients, and expiration dates gives consumers confidence in their purchase, thereby fostering brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Reba has more than 25 years of experience working in logistics consulting, and it’s this intricate knowledge that has enabled him to excel in his role at Barcoding, Inc. He and his team masterfully tackle the labeling challenges presented by their customers, whether they involve complying with regulations, using technology to gain an advantage over the competition, or managing expenses. Many food and beverage distributors, retailers and manufacturers have been able to offer customers improved products thanks to Reba’s scalable labeling designs.

However, it is his extensive experience with RFID that allows him to help customers embrace track-and-trace technology and labeling, enabling them to monitor items throughout their lifecycles to ensure customers get the freshest and safest products possible.

Award Winners Featured in Current Issue

All of the recipients of the award are profiled in the Food Logistics March 2018 issue. Editor-in-Chief Lara L. Sowinski commented that the winners of this year’s Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award exemplify the shifts seen in the industry recently in terms of talent and demographics and are revitalizing an already dynamic industry.

With employees like Reba being named among the best in the business, it’s no wonder that we are considered a top provider of supply chain automation!

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