Datalogic’s Next-Generation AV7000 Camera System Stands Out From The Crowd

Material handling systems that entail tilt trays, cross-belt sorters and conveyors will find that Datalogic’s new AV7000 camera system checks all the boxes. This state-of-the-art camera system provides superior optic performance along with 360-degree high-speed package intelligence. It’s a significant step up from its predecessors, the respected AV6010 and the NVS9000 linear cameras. It is perfectly suited for data arrays that manage package identification for parcel facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Datalogic makes clever use of a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor along with its cutting-edge lighting technology in order to create crisp, high-definition images of as many as six sides at breakneck speeds. It can handle parcels, flats, polybags and boxes on conveyors of up to 55 inches.

Whether you want to compress the images or export them in full-definition, the AV7000 has you covered. Its single shot feature can complete images so you don’t get that dreaded puzzle effect, while the multi-format image saving works smoothly with OCR and video coding.

The camera system’s new CMOS sensor actually offers 40 percent more sensitivity. Datalogic’s proprietary autofocus system brings you extended DOF, while its digital zoom tech offers constant DPI resolution. It also makes use of pulsed illumination control in order to provide minimal tunnel footprint.

System Solves Problems For You

Poor-quality labels or noisy backgrounds are no problem at all for the camera, thanks to its revolutionary decode algorithm that can read bar codes even under the worst of circumstances. Meanwhile, its Stop-N-Go technology means it is able to keep reading performance at flawless levels on conveyor lines with irregular speeds.

Some of the applications that will benefit most from this incredible system include OCR and video coding, receiving and shipping, DWS systems, reverse logistics, and item and parcel sorting.

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