Datalogic’s New Joya Touch Boasts Impressive Retail Capabilities In A Handheld Package

Datalogic recently announced its new Joya Touch multi-purpose device, and it’s going to be a real standout. It will enable consumer-facing applications like Queue Busting, Gift Registry, and Self-Shopping to be used on the same device as various operational applications like Inventory Control, Shelf Replenishment, Price Checks, and Mark Downs, to name a few. This brings tremendous functionality to the palm of your hand, and its pistol grip and handheld form factors make it even more adaptable.

In-store localization will be made possible thanks to Bluetooth v4 and Beacon technology. This means the device can connect to printers, headsets, and payment systems with ease. It will take just 2.5 hours to recharge completely, while only 15 minutes of charging can provide 80 minutes of use. It also offers wireless and contact-free charging, which can help keep support costs down.

Interference-free communications will be made possible by dual band support with 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi radio.

A lot of attention went into designing the Joya Touch’s screen, which is made of Gorilla Glass 3 to provide excellent resolution and unmatchable strength. The 4.3-inch touch display hits the sweet spot between portability and readability, and it provides sharp, crisp images.

The device will also support the Datalogic Cloud-ready Shopevolution 7 middleware, which allows users to manage multiple stores at the same time. Shopevolution 7 earned the 2016 POPAI Award for Digital and Technological Innovation in the App category. It can also support various third-party self-shopping platforms.

Datalogic’s proprietary SoftSpot triggering technology is also supported, enabling users to place an onscreen trigger button wherever it’s needed on the screen. A hi-fi speaker, Green Spot good-read feedback, and 2D imaging technology round out the impressive offerings of the Joya Touch.

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