Datalogic PowerScan PM9500

Datalogic recently introduced a new member to the PowerScan family—the PM9500 2D Imager. This versatile, easy to use imager is ideal for industrial applications and includes the latest generation of the Datalogic STAR2.0 Cordless System™ for narrow band radio communications. The PM9500 2D imager offers scalable solutions with seamless roaming two-way communication.

In addition, this omnidirectional reader features:

  • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes of any orientation from up to 3.3ft.
  • Autofocus optics
  • Lithium-ion battery that can be easily and quickly replaced
  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmissions
  • Datalogic Green Spot technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • IP65/IP64 rating
  • Can survive up to a 6.6ft. drop

Learn more about the Datalogic PowerScan PM9500 2D Imager.