Datalogic PowerScan PD9500

Having a powerful and reliable barcode scanner is essential for manufacturers who need to efficiently and effectively manage their goods and track merchandise. Datalogic recently introduced the PowerScan PD9500 area imager, a rugged, 2D area imager ideal for manufacturing environments.

The Datalogic PowerScan PD9500 offers omnidirectional reading capabilities with optical characteristics, meaning that the barcode scanner is able to read any type of barcode, regardless of orientation. The PD9500 also comes with Datalogic’s decoding software, making it easy to point, shoot and scan!

In order to provide workers with the highest level of comfort, ergonomics was a prime consideration when making the PD9500. Handle shape, height, intuitive aiming and reduced flashes are all features that help to make workers more comfortable throughout their day.

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