Datalogic Mobile Terminals Battle Cancer

The Regional Hospital Center/University of Tours (CHRU) includes over 2,000 beds, provides services to over 65,000 people a year and is looking for ways to accommodate another 375 people a day. All types of cancer are treated at the hospital and every step on the road to the cure involves computers, particularly the CHRU’s pharmaceutical endeavors. Computers provide traceability of the manufacturing process, from the prescription stage right up to the delivery stage.

Datalogic Mobile’s terminals are at the center of this solution, allowing a greater mobility for doctors. In particular, the Datalogic Memor™ plays an instrumental role in sending hospital information to the central system in order to keep the production cycle running. With the Memor, users go through an identification process in order to be able to access the application. Once the person has been identified, he/she can see all the manufacturing information on the Memor™ screen, as well as the stage currently in progress. The user can then scan or use the keyboard to register the prescription number to access this information and identify other tasks. All data is then transmitted in real-time to the hospital’s central computer system via WiFi.

The Datalogic Memor allows for an incresed safety among patients, and helps CHRU do what they do best, without the hassle. To learn more about Datalogic and their product line, learn more here.