Datalogic Magellan 800i Barcode Scanner Released

Today, Datalogic released the Magellan 800i barcode scanner, the newest addition to the Magellan family. The Magellan 800i barcode scanner is a fixed retail scanner that’s engineered to aid retailers of all sizes in data collection and productivity.

“The Magellan 800i scanner makes it easier than ever for our customers to take advantage of the high performance and high reliability associated with solid state imaging based products while enabling them to take full advantage of emerging applications requiring reading from mobile phones or decoding 2D bar codes,” said Matt Schler, General Manager of the Fixed Retail Business Unit.

The Magellan 800i barcode scanner also offers:

  • image capture
  • illumix™ intelligent illumination for automatically adjusting to different ambient light levels
  • built-in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna for linked tag deactivation for improving shrink caused by “sweet hearting”
  • large scanning window affixed to an adjustable tilting stand for easy scan volume optimization

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