Datalogic Magellan 1100i Barcode Reader

magellan1100iDatalogic Scanning recently announced the latest addition the Magellan family of performance scanners, the Magellan 1100i barcode reader. This new imager is a great combination of performance, reliability and value.

The Magellan 1100i scanner is also designed with compactness and form in mind and has the latest imaging technology, allowing for even the most challenging barcodes to be scanned. This is because of the aggressive data collection of 1D and 2D barcodes and the ability to be used as a presentation or sweep mode reader.

Datalogic’s scanner also features new Illumix, intelligent illumination technology that enables barcodes to be read from backlit displays. This type of application is becoming increasingly useful in a world where QR codes and e-coupons are popping up on cell phone screens everywhere.

In addition, the Magellan line offers Datalogic’s patented “Green Spot” technology which provides visual feedback to the user as an item is being read.

For additional information about Datalogic and their products, learn more here.