Datalogic Joya: The Mobile Computer That Helps You Shop

datalogic joyaThe Datalogic Joya is a mobile computer designed to help make the shopping experience more interactive and enjoyable. The Datalogic Joya is a part of their Shopevolution program, whose goal is to create direct personal interaction with the customer by offering information, advantage and personalized services when making in-store purchasing decisions. By using the Joya mobile computer, shoppers can view the net price of all their products as their shopping trip progresses, meaning no surprises at the register.

In addition to benefitting the customer, the Datalogic Joya also allows retails to add value by advertising directly on the Joya screen while customers are shopping. In addition, Datalogic offers full analysis and specifications reports, giving retailers a better vision of how consumers shop for their products.

A Step-by-Step Look at How Joya Works
1) Customers pick up the Datalogic Joya from a dispenser at the stores entrance, which lights up when reading a loyalty card, or near an NFC mobile phone.
2) The customer uses Joya to scan barcodes of products they are interested in before placing in the cart. This will display all the details about the product.
3) Customers can create a personalized shopping list with items, such as the net price, running total, items on sale, loyalty points, nutritional information and recipes.
4) The customer can enjoy a more organized shopping experience, in addition to be alerted about other products as they approach “hot spots” throughout the store.

The Datalogic Joya device itself is:

  • An elegant pod
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use, ergonomic
  • Backlit high-resolution color display for images and clips
  • Touch screen
  • Attractive interchangeable covers that can be personalized
  • Quality polyphonic sound and microphone
  • High-capacity battery
  • Microsoft® Windows CE
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity
  • If you’ve seen a Datalogic Joya in stores, or have used one yourself… tell us about your experience!