Datalogic IMPACT 11.2

Datalogic recently announced the release of IMPACT 11.2, the industry-leading machine vision software package that allows manufacturers to increase yield and throughput throughout their production line by utilizing machine vision technology in applications where it was previously too costly or time consuming.

One amazing feature of IMPACT 11.2 is that it allows for easy sorting of barcodes without barcodes with its unique Pattern Sorting Tool. This revolutionary feature uses a pattern-matching algorithm to recognize thousands of different logos and other consumer graphics. This tool helps to easily overcome challenges such as random object position and orientation, perspective distortions, ambient light variations, clutter and occlusions.

“With these latest enhancements to the 11.2 release, IMPACT offers customers in both factory automation and transportation and logistics the ability to increase their production accuracy. This technology, previously unavailable due to cost and speed requirements, allows customers to lower reject and return rates which results in lower operating costs,” said Machine Vision Business Unit General Manager Donato Montanari.

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