Datalogic Breaking Ground With New MX-E Series Of Processors

Datalogic recently announced a new series of MX-E GigE vision processors. These cutting-edge processors get their tremendous computing power and unparalleled flexibility when it comes to applications from their reliance on IMPACT software. Of course, all of this groundbreaking hardware needs to be protected, so they’re housed it in a rugged chassis to make sure they can continue to perform for years to come.

According to Datalogic, the MX-E processors are as much as 25 percent faster than their predecessors, the MX vision family of processors. They also offer camera support to the E100 GigE camera series, which are high-speed CMOS PoE models.

Three Models, Ten Configurations

Three different models of these processors are being produced in order to cater to a broad range of different performance needs. In addition, the choice between two or four ports for GigE cameras and two options for digital I/O mean that a total of ten configurations of the hardware are possible. This means that any industry can create something to meet their needs, whether it’s electronics, food and beverage, or automotive.

A number of accessories are available to complement the processors. I/O cables for the processors are made in lengths that vary from just .75 meters to 15 meters to run from the processor to the terminal block. I/O and power cables I/O boards, and Ethernet cables that connect to the M and E series of cameras are also being offered in varying lengths.

Datalogic’s website claims there will be long-term availability for these products. An external dongle will make SW license management a lot easier. Some of its possible applications include the verification of car parts and components, electronic component and PCB inspection, packaging quality checks, and laser and robot guidance.

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