Data is Delivering for Logistics Companies

Digital technology has given us the opportunity to have information all the time, and as a result, the expectations of customers have never been higher. Regardless of which industry is concerned, these expectations exist across all sectors, and the logistics industry is certainly no exception. In fact, the situation is multiplied by pressure to deliver on time.

This was never more true than during the holiday season last year, when newer introductions such as omni-channel retailing, plus same day delivery promises, put carriers under immense pressure to enhance their delivery systems, or face the consequence of losing customers.

Industries and systems are now increasingly interdependent, analysts from across the sectors are pointing to the fact that you cannot talk about logistics without considering the supply chain. Bosses are beginning to understand that the failure to deliver on time can be catastrophic for customer retention, and therefore, the business. As a result, extra resources are being dedicated to logistics and the supply chain.

Retailers are employing systems like distributed order management (DOM) to gain better insight into the location of goods in real-time. Carriers are using Web portals for exchanging information with their retail customers about logistics. As an example, UPS is providing an Online Tools package as part of their service, which can be integrated with their customers’ websites, from where goods can be tracked and rated. In addition, service selection can be observed, as well as the validation of addresses and transit time info. The goal is to eliminate black spots and give immediate insight into where the goods are at any given time.

Efforts to ramp up the scanning of products as enter and exit substations nationwide have also boosted visibility. UPS is now offering a mobile application so that customers can find the most convenient UPS location in order to ship or collect packages that are under order. An additional feature they call “UPS My Choice” is even allowing customers to manage the time of delivery when they’re not at home and supply delivery instructions.

However, carriers will need to start implementing GPS tracking if they are to give their customers full visibility into the journey of their package at any time—this is something that customers are demanding. The challenge for logistics companies and retailers is to provide customers with full visibility into their purchases journey, while meeting exceeding expectations of a timely delivery.

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