More Customers Buying Groceries Online

The new “Grocery Ecommerce Supermarket Scorecard Report” illustrates the growing contribution that ecommerce is making to supermarket sales. At supermarkets that offer online grocery shopping, around 3.4 percent of the total sales in a store on average are online. However, for retailers that have offered such services for four years or longer, that number climbs to 5.2 percent.

As the battle for online grocery supremacy heats up between Amazon and Walmart, other supermarkets are feeling the pressure to not only provide their own online offerings but also ensure they are every bit as efficient as the services offered by the two giants.

The Scorecard report looked at the online transactions at almost 200 stores across 26 different retailers during a four-week period in March. These findings allow retailers to see how they compare to others and how they can build their online sales. In addition to the accelerated adoption of ecommerce among food retailers, the report found that the share of households who regularly purchase their groceries online is also rising. In the last 30 days, 24 percent of shoppers had purchased groceries online; the percentage was 22 percent two years ago.

In addition, they noted that the average number of transactions taking place online per store has risen 20 percent from last year, while total online sales are growing by more than 25 percent year over year.

Shoppers More Confident

One factor that could be contributing to this rise is increasing confidence on the part of customers. Brick Meets Click reports that the average online supermarket transaction climbed more than 5 percent over the year before to reach $148, which indicates that customers feel comfortable buying a wide variety of grocery product types online, even those that are highly perishable. Around 85 percent of online grocery transactions included produce, while more than two thirds had meat, seafood and deli products.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, people are increasingly turning to online grocery delivery to free up some time in their day. Online grocery shopping shows no sign of slowing down, and supermarkets that want to remain competitive cannot afford to overlook this important segment of shoppers.

This blog post was based off of an article from Progressive Grocer. View the original here.

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