Custom QR Code Campaigns via Paperlinks

Paperlinks, a company that focuses on QR code generation and platforms for deploying mobile marketing campaigns, recently launched a new way for companies to attract consumers to scan their QR codes.

By focusing on the design of the QR codes, Paperlinks offers businesses the opportunity to incorporate logos and other company branding. In addition to offering this service, Paperlinks focuses on the customization of the web pages that the QR codes bring up. Typically, your average QR code will link to an existing site on the web, or a video, but with Paperlinks, companies are able to create custom mobile landing pages that include a variety of different options, such as the logo, contact info, tweets, videos, photos and more. But, Paperlinks doesn’t just stop there. Their landing pages are fully optimized for mobile use, so, if you happened to click on an event, all of the information could be instantly saved to your phone’s calendar.

In addition, Paperlinks provides analytics for businesses, allowing for complete visibility into how effective campaigns are. Paperlinks makes the implementation easy for brands by offering a web app where they can create a QR code and landing page in minutes.

I think Paperlinks is a great idea… a lot of in-house marketing departments may not have the man-power or know-how into designing custom QR codes, so I can definitely see their services being very useful. Would you use a company like Paperlinks to implement your QR code campaign, or would you prefer to create everything in-house? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.