Creative Barcode: Protect Your Ideas

If you’re a creative professional, then chances are, you’ve been concerned about protecting your work. Now, there’s a barcode for that. Creative Barcode™ embeds application-driven digital barcodes into written and visual concepts in order to denote permission usage and ownership.

Designed by creative professionals for creative individuals and companies, Creative Barcode provides proof of ownership of an idea before it comes to fruition, such as with proposals and rough drafts.

Creative Barcode users simply create a new barcode via an easy-to-use application, which uniquely codes and numbers the barcodes. The Creative Barcode can then be applied to all related files associated with each new project and or concept.

Creative Barcode can be used in digital or print materials, and users can even forward their project files to third parties via a file transfer area, allowing passwords to be added prior to download. This enables tracking of third-party downloads, in addition to acceptance of permissions.

But, what happens after the idea has come to fruition? Well, Creative Barcode allows transfer of ownership feature, enabling the concept originator to re-assign ownership to those purchasing the idea.

Creative Barcode is definitely an innovative way to solve an old problem, and I have a feeling it will become very popular amongst creative professionals. If you’re a creative professional, or someone who does business with creatives, let us know what you think of Creative Barcode by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.