Creating and Maintaining Mobility with Zebra Technologies

To provide the best possible experience for both employees and consumers, retailers need to focus on providing not only the proper technological strategies, but also the most efficient and suitable strategies for their respective industry. Zebra works to assist retailers in maximizing their return on investment with varied mobile solutions, as well as improving customer experience.

Making the Important Decisions to Impact Mobility

How can you decide what solution makes the most sense for your company, employees, and customers? To avoid increasing product costs or putting forth an interface that is less than user-friendly, Zebra can assist and guide you in making critical decisions to create the best possible outcomes, as well as the most efficient in-store integration of technology.

To decide what works best for your own retail environment, Zebra presents three options: consumer devices, enterprise devices, or bringing your own device—BYOD. Each option offers its own pros and cons, and we are going to delve into each to help you decide what will work best for your company.

Consumer Devices: Aesthetically Pleasing and Familiar

The sole purpose of consumer devices is self-explanatory: they are engineered and designed to appease the day-to-day person who is making calls, sending text messages, and utilizing the Internet capabilities of their smartphone. These devices aren’t built to withstand the circumstances of a more intense, on-the-go work environment in which employees may not be handling the devices with the same care and thought of the average consumer.

Consumer devices are able to access built-in scanners, a productive and useful capability, but they are simply not as durable or rugged enough to withstand the unpredictable situations of a mobile workplace.

Enterprise Devices: Durable and Functional

Consider opting for an enterprise-grade solution; according to Zebra, “they are designed specifically to meet the needs of retailers and have the necessary functionalities to support the entire retail chain.” With enterprise devices, you will never have to doubt their reliability or functionality in a fast-paced environment: they are well worth the higher prices, as they provide you with a sense of security and reassurance. If devices lose their charge, batteries can easily be swapped out without a disturbance in the employee’s day. Many enterprise devices are equipped with accessories, “helping employees to manage every aspect of the retail process seamlessly.”

BYOD: Budget-friendly, yet Counterproductive

If you have considered employing BYOD, reconsider the time-consuming consequences of a diverse device pool—having a variety of devices could cause confusion and trouble when trying to unify employees during training. How will everyone understand how to use certain programs or applications if they don’t run the same on each device?

Enterprise solutions allow for a certain stability that cannot be replicated with BYOD solutions. Even though BYOD could save your company money, they aren’t solutions; rather, they create more inconveniences and obstacles for your company on both smaller and larger scales.

Acclimating Employees to Their New Devices

Once you employ your chosen device, you still need to ensure that all of your employees are properly trained and are educated on all of its facets. Many staff members will be able to quickly adjust to the touch screen user interfaces, as most (if not all) smartphones and personal devices have the same setup. Zebra offers Enterprise Home Screen, a utility which allows you to control the applications shown while training, making sure “employees get up to speed.”

Utilize Zebra’s staging tools to make sure that training and setup run smoothly, and all details are adjusted to your specific retail environment. Once everything is set in stone and enacted within your company, make sure to check in with Zebra OneCare support services for any questions you may have about your devices. Zebra will assist you with their technical support; avoid the pricey and time-consuming affair of sending off your devices to be repaired.

A Mix of Mobile Operating Systems (OS)

It is crucial to figure out which OS will be compatible with your application; whether it may be Microsoft Windows 9/10, Apple iOS, or Google Android, doing this legwork with Zebra will spare you the trouble of future problems that you may run into if you do not have the OS that your company needs.

Zebra & Barcoding Are Here to Help

It is important to consider all of the resources available within the supply chain industry, and how our partner, Zebra Technologies, can best help you and your company with adequate mobile solutions to be as efficient and streamlined as possible.

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