Create QR Codes and Mobile Sites for Your Campaigns

QR2Look is a web-based platform that allows users to create QR codes and mobile sites for their campaigns for free!

As more and more companies begin to implement QR code campaigns, even more companies are forming to help manage those campaigns. We recently discussed Paperlinks, a company that creates platforms for deploying mobile marketing campaigns, for a fee, but I recently discovered QR2Look, which provides similar services for free.

QR2Look allows users to create QR codes, in addition to their own mobile website, allowing for an optimized experience. They seem to have created a simple user interface that allows businesses to simply enter a title, text and images for their mobile site, in addition to linking to social networking sites. Once the mobile site is created, users can create a QR code that links to this site.

One feature I don’t see is the ability to track the success of the campaign, but perhaps this feature exists but costs extra? As more companies and individuals rev up their marketing via through QR codes, I definitely see a lot more companies like Paperlinks and QR2Look popping up.

Have you implemented a QR code campaign that used Paperlinks, QR2Look or a similar service? Tell us about your campaign and how your experience went with the service by commenting below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.