Create Custom QR Codes for Social Networking and Beyond

Personalized QR Code/ 2D BarcodeI was recently checking out one of my favorite sites,, to see if anything was new in the world of 2D barcodes/QR codes, and sure enough there is! You can now create a 2D/QR code that links to your profile on almost any social networking site. Some of the popular sites include, Facebook, Blogger, Flicker, myspace, and Twitter, but there are plenty more. You can check out the complete lists of sites available here.

Also, once you create your own 2D code at, you can hit “make stuff,” which allows you to create custom designs for your very own QR codes. Some of the pre-made phrases include, “follow me,” “friend me,” and “I am,” but you can create your own phrases to say anything you like. From there, you can take the code and put it on your choice of t-shirts or other accessories. With more and more ways to personalize QR codes, it’s only a matter of time before they start popping up everywhere in the US.