Countdown to SuiteWorld 2017

In less than a week, Oracle and NetSuite will be hosting their annual SuiteWorld conference. SuiteWorld is the largest gathering of NetSuite users, partners, and developers, and will offer over 175 NetSuite sessions in unison with its Keynotes this year. These sessions and Keynotes will be service provider focused, and will look to help companies structure their businesses and market themselves. With SuiteWorld beginning Monday, April 24th, here’s a look at five key expectations.

Adding Keynote Speakers for AMP and Financial Services

SuiteWorld’s main Keynotes will be presented by Jim McGeever, Even Goldberg, and Jason Maynard, but there is more to look forward to in the way of subset keynote address. NetSuite’s Advertising, Media, and Publishing customer base (AMP), in combination with their Financial Services customers, will now be offered their own keynote addresses. In recent years, these two areas of business shared Keynotes with other subsets.

NetSuite’s Professional Services

To promote NetSuite as a professional services provider, VP of Professional Services, Heather Miller, will be presenting on how NetSuite utilizes their own products. This Keynote is meant to help people understand that NetSuite is not only a cloud ERP provider, but that it has been expanding as a professional service provider as well. In 2016 alone, NetSuite’s 1,500 consultants provided over one million hours of services. The Services Keynote will be held on Wednesday, April 26th at 1:30 p.m.

The Future of OpenAir

OpenAir is NetSuite’s cloud-based professional services automation system. At this year’s SuiteWorld, there will be eleven product sessions dedicated to OpenAir customers, partners, and developers.

More During Services Keynote

Chris Lockhead, co-founder of Play Bigger, will be presenting during the Services Keynote. Play Bigger, a management consulting firm, works to solve the marketing problem that many services providers face—keeping operational efficiency high, while marketing a business and providing services and/or products.


Another aspect of this year’s SuiteWorld will be its emphasis on people—how they are managed as both resources and as employees. During the Services Keynote, Mark Baldwin will talk about DSI Globals’ experience using NetSuite. Baldwin is the Senior Vice President of Administration and General Counsel at DSI Global, and will be discussing NetSuite’s impact on his Human Resources department.

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This blog post was based off of an article from NetSuite. View the original here.

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