Could This Be Industrial Manufacturing’s Most Revolutionary Year Yet?

After all of last year’s hype about things like the smart manufacturing, cloud deployment, and the Internet of Things, it’s time for vision to be replaced by action.

While everyone else is still talking about the vast potential of these technologies, it’s the early adopters who will likely end up noting the biggest gains, and everyone else will have to work twice as hard just to keep up.

Top manufacturers stand to gain a lot by forming partnerships between the many operational technologies and informational technologies out there. A lot of benefits can be derived from teaming up experts in fields such as logistics, supply chain, platform providers, and data sciences.

Experts anticipate that manufacturers are going to prioritize their investments and start moving forward. Many will begin with cloud deployment because all of the exciting new technologies that have been getting a lot of press rely on the vast storage of huge amounts of data. This is something that can only be done affordably by cloud deployment.

Security Cannot Be Overlooked

Another category that will see a lot of forward momentum this year is cybersecurity, with manufacturers looking to social and mobile solutions for network security. The aerospace and defense and medical industries will serve as examples for manufacturing to follow when it comes to traceability, regulation compliance, and security in general.

Many manufacturers will also make tangible progress in data. With the number of connected devices by 2030 estimated to reach 50 billion, there is simply no way they can ignore data. Implementing the right analytical tools can help manufacturers gain a keen insight into who buys their products and how they are used.

By now, all the players know which technology is going to be big, and now we are going to see manufacturers make some real breakthroughs and put plans into action if they want to remain competitive.