Could there be More NFC in Our Futures Thanks to Google?

While near field communication (NFC) has been around for quite some time now, it has yet to truly take off in the consumer marketplace. However, perhaps Google’s most recent acquisition will change that.

Google recently purchased Bump Technologies, whose applications Bump and Flock, allow smartphone users easily share data by gently bumping their devices together. Flock uses smartphone location-sensing technology in order to note when friends are near, allowing users to contribute to sets of photos for shared experiences. “The Bump team has demonstrated a strong ability to quickly build and develop products that users love, and we think they’ll be a great fit at Google,” said Google.

With Google investing between what’s rumored to be $30-60 million, hopefully NFC technology at the consumer level will take off. Share your thoughts on what will happen next by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.