Could QR Codes Help the Environment?

QR codes will be placed on electricity bills in the UK in order to raise awareness about power usage.

At Barcoding, Inc. headquarters in Baltimore, it hasn’t exactly felt like spring. Whether we like it or not, climate change is happening.

In order to make consumers more aware, the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change will be requiring energy companies to put QR codes on their bills. Once scanned, the QR code would provide consumers with detailed insights on how their gas and electricity usage effects their bill.

“We’re determined to make energy markets work better for consumers – and despite all the evidence showing that QR codes on bills would make a real difference to people, energy companies still haven’t done anything about it,” Edward Davey, secretary of state for the department, said.

Hopefully, the addition of QR codes to electricity bills will not only help consumers save money, but hopefully create a more usage-conscious society.

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