Could QR Codes End Homelessness?

If a homeless person asks you for change, even if you wanted to donate, you don’t always have actual cash.

At PayPal’s BattleHack, a 24 hour hack-a-thon, a team presented the idea to use QR codes and PayPal to donate to the homeless. The team placed third, ensuing that using QR codes and an app-based system, people would be able to give more money to the homeless rather than relying on their cash supply, which in many cases, is zero.

Hack-a-thons such as BattleHack are designed to encourage creativity and offer tech-based solutions to widespread problems.

However, I’m not sure how the logistics of this solution would work. Even if cards with printed QR codes assigned to a PayPal account were handed to the homeless, they would still need a way to access the money. In addition, in order to get actual cash, they would need to be able to transfer funds to a bank account.

While this solution definitely has the best in mind, I don’t think we’ll be scanning the homeless any time soon.

Do you think QR codes are a good way to donate to the homeless without cash?

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