Could BYOD Replace More than the BlackBerry?

Mobile devices are rapidly changing the way enterprise businesses function, especially when it comes to IT. Gone are the days of a company-provided BlackBerry (sorry RIM). A new era has already begun, and that’s BYOD (bring your own device).

A BYOD enterprise environment puts employees in charge by allowing them to use the smartphone of their choice, one that they are accustomed to. Best of all, there’s no need to carry two devices!

Aside from benefitting employees, businesses incur reduced costs and increased efficiency.

However, as mobile app functionality continues to expand, one wonders if a BYOD ecosystem might replace more than just the BlackBerry.

Barcode scanning apps are readily available on smartphone devices and could offer a solution for employees that may need to occasionally scan barcodes. But, could barcode scanning apps in a BYOD environment entirely replace barcode scanners?

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