Copper Mountain Uses Honeywell to Be More Efficient, Accurate, and Connected

Copper Mountain Ski Resort, located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, is a premier ski resort with over 2,500 acres of ski terrain and approximately 10,000 skiers that use lifts each day. Because of this, Copper Mountain relies heavily on quick and efficient barcode scanning operations.

Copper Mountain needed to find the right mobile device to use in their lift lines, in addition to scanners for their retail and rental locations. After much research, they landed with a solution from Honeywell. They deployed the Honeywell CN70a for its lift operations, allowing them to scan skier lift tickets as they enter the chair lift.

“The Honeywell solution was above all competitors in each of the aspects we were benchmarking,” said Michael Hurwitch, IT Director, Copper Mountain.

Battery life was a huge factor in their solution choice, as their previous technology would drop off their wireless network once the battery reached 30% or less. As a result, pass verification wasn’t always completed, causing lost revenue. In addition, batteries would have to be changed twice a day or more.

Now, with the Honeywell CN70a, the battery lasts all day without needing to be changed. In addition, the CN70a offers a higher level of ruggedness than Copper Mountain’s previous solution, making it ideal for the extreme weather conditions on the mountain.

Aside from using the CN70a on the mountain, the resort uses the Honeywell SG20 USB wired scanners in their retail and rental locations.

Overall, Copper Mountain is extremely pleased with their choice to go with Honeywell. “To us, the Honeywell devices are clearly better than comparable devices,” said

Lear more about how Copper Mountain Ski Resort is using Honeywell products by reading the full case study, or check out the video below to see Honeywell products in action.