Partners with Susquehanna Service Dogs to Name an Assistance Dog, Suzie!

Here at Barcoding we love our furry friends! It is not uncommon to see our puppies in the office, and, even if they are not here in person, our companions shine on our Pet Wall, which you can view here. It was only a matter of time until we partnered with an organization that knows the value these creatures can add to their owners’ lives, especially assistance dogs. Today, we are so excited to announce our partnership with Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD) and introduce you to Suzie!

So how did Barcoding get involved with SSD? As our VP of marketing Jody Costa put it this collaboration came about through a “happy accident.” She described the appeal of being working with an organization that can make someone’s life better for years to come.

“In making the decision to work with SSD, I was drawn to the long-term partnership aspect of the program. By sponsoring a puppy, we are making an investment in that dog and in the ability for that dog to help make someone’s life a little easier.” —Jody Costa, VP of Marketing

After some light-hearted debate, the Barcoding team settled on naming this adorable, five-month-old black Labrador retriever Suzie after the Black-eyed Susan flower. You might be wondering how Suzie is training to best assist her partner? Well, since she was just nine weeks old, Suzie has been working with her puppy raiser to build a solid foundation of skills like self-control and the ability to follow a variety of cues.

In fifteen to eighteen months, when SSD matches Suzie with the perfect partner for her, she will receive additional training to best fit their needs, which may range from assistance with physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, autism, PTSD, or seizure disorders.

The black Labrador Suzie running

SSD’s customized approach to each human and assistance dog pairing aligns with the high-value Barcoding places on finding accurate and efficient solutions to each of our clients’ problems. As Pam Foreman, SSD’s Director, describes, assistance dogs like Suzie have the power to help their partners live fuller lives as spouses, parents, friends, students, employees, and members of their local communities.

We are so excited to follow along with Suzie and her puppy raiser as she continues to grow. You can find more photos and videos of our new furry brand ambassador here and be sure to keep up with her journey on Instagram.

View the full press release here.