Continental Airlines Uses QR Codes for a Speedy Check-in

Continental Airlines Uses QR CodesIf you’re flying home for the Holidays, the lines may not be as long as you think if you’re flying with Continental Airlines. A few months back, the airline decided to implement QR codes at check-in to save time, and has since stuck to their decision. Rather than using a paper boarding pass, you can now simply check-in with your mobile phone.

How it Works
Continental Airlines will send a QR code to your phone after the purchase of your tickets and before boarding. Then, all you have to do is simply show your phone with the QR code up to airport personnel, who will then scan the barcode, granting you access to your designated gate.

As of now, Continental Airlines is the only carrier to use QR codes for boarding, but if the trend catches on, other major airlines will soon follow suit.