Consumer-grade Devices in Enterprise Businesses

Will Apple and Android devices soon be the norm for enterprise-grade businesses?

From Apple to Android, consumer-grade mobile devices seem to be taking over enterprise businesses—there’s even some hybrid solutions available for more rugged needs.

VDC Research recently released a report, “Mobilizing Enterprise Applications,” which confirms this trend.

Hardware Trends
Mission critical field devices continue to utilize rugged devices, but smartphones and tablets are appearing in field mobility applications, in addition to standard communication apps. In addition, semi-rugged devices are being developed for specific vertical markets, such as health and retail. Aside from smartphones, tablets are also being utilized, showing the need for multiple devices in the workplace.

Software Trends
Windows-based devices are still prominent, but the surge of Apple and Android devices in enterprise environments has caused the need to support applications across many different platforms. HTML-5 web-based apps are high in demand, solving the issue of cross-platform development, but it is still evolving and mobile browser support needs to improve.

As mobility continues to become of increasing importance, it’s interesting to see how consumer-grade devices will evolve in the workplace. Share your thoughts on enterprise mobility by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.