Consumables by Barcoding

Barcoding, Inc. was pleased to announce the addition of Consumables by Barcoding. This new division will serve as a premier resource for application-driven consumables including labels, ribbons, printheads and other custom media. Consumables by Barcoding offers the right labels, supplies and experts to help businesses meet their unique requirements. While Barcoding, Inc. has always sold consumables; it wasn’t until the recent acquisition of Miles Technologies that the new division was formed.

Consumables by Barcoding will help organizations stay efficient, preventing stopping due to improper or unreadable labeling. In addition, Consumables by Barcoding offers:

  • Customized and specialty labels, ribbons and tags
  • Industry-specific labels, ribbons and tags
  • Barcoded wristbands
  • Printheads

Barcoding understands that labels are much more than adhesive tags used for automated identification – we know that the right barcode labels and other printing consumables are essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace. We created Consumables by Barcoding to provide the right labeling tools to ensure that companies are conducting business in a way that is efficient, accurate and connected,” said Shane Snyder, president, Barcoding, Inc.

To support the new consumables division, Barcoding, Inc. hired four new team members, all seasoned professionals in the industry.

Check out the new Consumables section of the Barcoding, Inc. website!