Consumables by Barcoding Brings in Three New Supply Chain Experts

Barcoding, Inc. is bringing its supply chain efficiency expertise to the next level with the addition of three supply chain experts, who will help the firm expand its Consumables by Barcoding division.

The new team members will be tasked with ensuring compliance with labeling practices and helping new and existing customers to solve problems.

One of the challenges in labeling that the new experts are well-versed in is operational expenses. As businesses of various sizes look for more methods of controlling operational expenses to boost efficiency, Barcoding’s team will help them slash their labels and consumable costs by as much as a fifth using approaches such as consolidating outside vendors. Another challenge is label trends—the use of RFID in consumables has recently experienced tremendous growth. Our extensive experience can help support clients who are looking to streamline their processes make the move to RFID.

Meet the Team

Barcoding, Inc.’s Director of Consumable Sales, Dave C. Reba, said that companies are enlisting the help of local converting shops out of convenience, but this is risky because of their inability to scale. He said that Barcoding has not only the expertise but also the scalability and proven technology to produce label solutions that can help to lower both risk and acquisition cost.

Along with Reba, other new additions to the team include Consumables Sales and Project Manager David Stevens and Product Manager of Identification Solutions Peter Zalinski. The three men have more than 60 years of experience combined.

Reba’s proven track record in strategies that boost market share and profitably will be complemented by Stevens’ 25 years in labeling and media. He is experienced in every part of the consumables product cycle and working with resellers as well as manufacturers. Meanwhile, Zalinski will be the Barcoding NetSuite liaison, enabling clients to leverage RIFD and label automation with their mobile devices.

Consumables by Barcoding is positioning itself as a top resource for application-driven consumables like placards, aisle labeling, shelf labeling, print heads, ribbons and more.

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