How Connectivity Powers Human Motion Analytics

Modern three-dimensional biomechanical data like DARI’s Instant Human Motions Analytics boasts some impressive capabilities, with predicting and preventing injuries at the top of the list. Until now, this ability has been hampered to some extent by the difficulties that are posed by collecting and processing such data.

Now, cloud-managed and mobile internet connectivity is helping to bring this useful technology to new heights. The Cradlepoint AER3100 Advanced Edge Router and Enterprise Cloud Manager can bring DARI always-on 4G LTE connectivity that can be managed on the cloud in order to help boost the flow of this vital data.

Scientific Analytics Inc.’s DARI bears the distinction of being the only markerless predictive human motions analytics on the planet, and their human movement data management software is considered the most advanced on the market. Thanks to these remarkable technologies, injuries can be predicted based on factors such as body composition.

Personalized and Secure

Clients that run the gamut from physical therapy groups to military to professional sports teams take advantage of the firm’s custom motion labs, which employ machine vision technology and video cameras to create a profile of each individual. Meanwhile, their cloud-based data management system can create data-rich reports full of useful information. All of this takes place dizzyingly fast; it takes just minutes for the motion capture to take place and mere seconds for processing and creating actionable reports.

The Cradlepoint AER3100 is what makes all of this possible by providing the steady connectivity needed for this technology to be deployed around the world. Meanwhile, inbound remote technical support is provided by Cradlepoint NetCloud’s Enterprise Cloud Manager. Cradlepoint’s reliable network connectivity, robust Wi-Fi, and cloud-based management made it the obvious choice for powering this essential system. In addition, their top-notch security features make them ideal for DARI’s clients, who need to protect sensitive data and maintain HIPAA compliance.

This blog post was based off of an article from Cradlepoint. View the original here.

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