Connecticut Schools Looking to Track Students via RFID

Public schools in New Canaan, Connecticut are considering using RFID technology to track students after being invited to participate in a technology experiment. Basically, student and/or staff ID cards, or school items such as laptops would be adorned with RFID strips for security and efficiency purposes.

The school district was recently approached by SecureRF Corporation, a company that is interested in examining uses for RF technology in schools and other commercial verticals. The company is proposing to implement a pilot program at New Canaan High School, where they hope to receive feedback in order to determine if RFID technology is a viable application in a school setting.

The primary feature of the experiment is being able to track individuals within the school, which could prove to helpful, particularly in emergency situations. In addition, administration could monitor who is coming and going within the campus. Additionally, there is discussion to bring the RFID strips to buses, providing the district with better information as to who is actually riding the school bus. In turn, this information could reduce costs.

Since the program is still in experimental stages, students’ involvement would be voluntary. While some parents would be a bit suspicious of the technology, others would appreciate the safety that it brings. RFID strips on student ID’s seems like a safe way to track students, without being too intrusive, as with RFID implants. What do you think? Should New Canaan participate in this RFID experiment for the greater good of the technology and their students, or should they not participate? Share your thoughts by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

If you’re still uncertain about how RFID technology works, learn more here.