Connect Your Real Life to Your Online Life with Scanme

Imagine walking down the street and being able to find out information on random strangers just by using your smartphone. That’s exactly the premise behind UK-based company Scanme, a company that promotes social information sharing through the use of QR codes.

Upon visiting Scanme, users can easily create and manage their very own unique barcode. Anyone who scans the barcode will be able to connect on social media sites of their choosing.

Scanme not only provides users with their own custom barcode, but also with personal barcode products, such as t-shirts. Although the barcodes remain the same, the amount of information users share can easily be changed. The barcode can be used to reveal everything from contact information, to social media profiles, to what was for lunch.

Scanme allows users to download their custom barcode for free. In addition to promoting QR code scanning, Scanme offers a way to make the experience interactive—users can earn scan points, which can be redeemed for QR code merchandise, and become scan heroes within the Scanme community.

Watch the video below to see Scanme in action.

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