Companies Unite to Make 2D Barcodes More Prominent in US

QR codeWhile 2D barcodes are prominent in Japan, and have been for quite some time, it seems to be taking the US a little longer to catch on. Because of this, five companies including Modavox, DuPont, Scanbuy, Graphic Packaging International, and Augme Mobile have joined forces. The partnership between the companies plans to bring 2D barcodes to a variety of different packaged goods throughout North America. Within the partnership, Modavox and Augme will be responsible for advertising and delivery, Scanbuy will provide the 2D barcodes and scanners, and DuPont and Graphic Packaging Interneational will provide the physical packaging.

With more widespread interactive packaging, consumers will be able to easily scan the box and receive product information, coupon offers, advertisements, or promotional info right at the store. From there, consumers could bring up the coupons on their cellphones and have them scanned directly from the phone. Something like this has never been tried on such a large scale, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.