Companies Embracing IoT

Consumers have steadily embraced the Internet of Things. There are many cheap IoT options for home and leisure on the market including Fitbit, nest and Dropcam. The question asked by Forrester Consulting in a recent survey conducted by Zebra Technologies is directed at how accessible and widely used IoT solutions are when it comes to business customers.

The outcome of the survey is that businesses are fully understanding of the importance of utilizing IoT technologies and many are involved in a process of devising IoT solutions to suit their operation. The survey was distributed to 600 companies across the globe—here are four key findings.

Companies from across the globe are aware of the transformative possibilities of IoT
The development of IoT is occurring at an extremely fast rate and is at the top of at least 80% of responding companies lists for technology strategies. Most of the companies surveyed can see how pressing the need for IoT solutions to be deployed immediately, not as part of any future plan. The survey revealed that 65% of respondents had or were working towards deploying IoT solutions.

The most important components of IoT are Wi-Fi, security sensors and location tracking in real time
The advent of IoT means that the days of observing processes manually for updates in real-time are over. Location tracking and Wi-Fi are combined in a system to provide up-to-date location info and sensors contribute by providing info on business assets. The survey reveals that 80% of companies surveyed see these components as key in IoT strategies. The insights into the supply chain they provide are integral to increased productivity and efficiency by reducing waste and helping meet customer demands.

The deployment of IoT solutions bring a wide range of benefits for businesses
IoT solutions are no longer the preserve of the IT department. Whole companies are benefiting from them right across their departments, and everyone from the sales engineer to the consumer is benefiting. The consumers experience is at the center of any retail operation, IoT enhances this by offering improved efficiencies, supply chain optimization and increased visibility.

IoT can be used for surveillance, security and asset tracking in a lot of industries
The vast majority of industries consider tracking and security to be the most important issues debated when selecting IoT solutions for businesses. Companies are seeking to know whether the information they have related to inventory is accurate, each asset is being utilized at an optimal level and that they have direct insights into the supply chain in real-time.

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