Compact Printers Help Warehouses Cut Costs And Improve Productivity

Customers are becoming more and more discerning, and this is putting warehouses under ever more pressure to boost their performance. Budget-minded retailers are looking to maximize efficiency throughout their supply chain. While this is an understandable goal, many warehouses have already streamlined processes to such an extent that there is very little room for improvement. One place where some gains can still be made, however, is where technology is concerned, and compact printers are one great way to give your warehouse an edge.

By reducing the amount of time that is spent on labeling materials and instead bringing the entire printing process closer to the actual point of use, time can be saved and accuracy can be boosted in many warehouse processes.

Quality Assurance
For example, poor labeling can cause errors like the misidentification of products. The right compact printer can help retailers ensure mistakes are kept to a minimum, thereby boosting quality assurance.

A lot of time ends up being wasted when warehouses print a batch of labels for incoming goods and then have someone bring them to a different location. This can also lead to a higher incidence of incorrect labeling. By attaching compact printers to desktops, walls, and shelves, constant round trips can be eliminated so that workers can focus on other tasks.

Most warehouse processes entail workers making multiple trips to get pick lists from an office. When staff members are able to print labels remotely with compact printers, workers can pick up a number of orders at once, cutting down on empty travel time and boosting their productivity.

Even saving a few minutes here and there can add up to significant savings and productivity increases when measured across multiple shifts over time.