Coming Soon to a Warehouse Near You: DHL Supply Chain’s Smart Picking Glasses

With a successful global augmented reality pilot now complete, DHL Supply Chain is preparing to roll out its Vison Picking smart glasses around the world. According to the company, this clever solution will create a new standard when it comes to order picking.

Trials of the glasses around the world yielded impressive results, with higher rates of accuracy across the board and an average productivity improvement of 15 percent. In addition, on-boarding and training times were cut in half, freeing up employees for more pressing tasks. The tests took place in markets across mainland Europe, the UK and the US across diverse industries like retail, consumer and technology. In addition, proofs of concept in Australia and Asia with other partners are also showing promise.

The Vision Picking glasses give wearers visual displays of the relevant order picking instructions in addition to information about where the items are located as well as where they should be placed in a cart. This allows them to keep their hands free so they can work not only more comfortably but also more efficiently.

DHL Pleased with Early Results

DHL was one of the first logistics company to use this type of technology, and they are proud of the results that it has shown so far. In the pilot phase, they worked together with Ubimax, who provided their xPick augmented reality software.

DHL Supply Chain’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, Markus Voss, said that digitalization has moved from a vision to reality and is now adding value to operations on the ground. He added that customers have been pleased with the gains in productivity they’ve noted so far and are enthusiastic about adopting such innovative technology in their warehouses.

Not content to stop there, DHL is now considering even more applications for virtual and augmented reality like maintenance, dimension calculations, and training.

This blog post was based off of an article from Supply Chain Digital. View the original here.

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