Colored Barcode Scanners

Could colored barcode scanners be all the rage?

When you think of imagery associated with the barcoding industry, bright colors don’t exactly come to mind, but now, things are changing. Barcode scanners now go way beyond the warehouse, and into the hands of retailers, police officers and sales reps.

I recently came across a post entitle, “Fifty Shades of Gray in the Bar Code Industry,” that points out that barcode scanners are not always the most aesthetically pleasing—why don’t they come in different colors?

Socket Mobile has been thinking about making different colored barcode scanners, and I think it’s a great idea. They tought about making a pink barcode scanner for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and also explored other colors and even one with wood finishing.

So, why are there still no colored barcode scanners? Tim Miller, chief operating officer of Socket Mobile stated, “We think it’s exciting that scanning is moving into the front end. In fact, we often hear that customers have chosen our scanners because they look good with the Apple iPad/iPhone. And if a company is planning to order a large quantity and wants a custom design, we can do that through our OEM department. It’s not a problem. It’s just not financially sound for us to produce these options without a buyer already committed.”

While mass-produced, colorful barcode scanners may not be an option for now, it’s good to know custom ones are available.

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