Colorado Town Doesn’t Need Paper Money or Cards

bling nationHere at, we’ve often discussed NFC and its up-rise in popularity. The town of La Junta, CO has began to use NFC as a form of contactless payment. Bling Nation, a California payments network in conjunction with The State Bank and Viaero Wireless have joined forces in order to provide consumers in La Junta with an application that enables them to attach an RFID label

An NFC-based system provided by Bling Nation allows State Bank customers in La Junta to pay for purchases with the tap of an RFID tag attached to their phones. 60 area merchants currently accept the new method of payment, and the transaction cost is easily deducted from the customer’s bank account. In addition, the receipt and account balance update are automatically sent to the customer via text message, so there’s no need to worry about lost receipts or the thought of overdrafting.

The RFID sticker that is placed on the phone contains a passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag compliant with NFC standards. Currently, three other cities in California and Colorado will be using the Bling Nation system.

While I had written an article on how RFID could lead to cashless purchasing, I never thought it would happen so soon. Although only a handful of cities are implementing the Bling system throughout the country, I predict that it will drastically increase in popularity. If there’s anyone from La Junta that has used the system, please let us know your thoughts!