Coca-Cola Adds QR Codes to New Cans

In Europe, Coca-Cola recently launched Coke Sound Up, a campaign featuring two new designs that showcase QR codes. Once scanned, the codes link to the Coke Music Portal, where consumers can enjoy some tunes.

In addition to the QR codes, Coca-Cola also redesigned their can itself, making it sleeker and slightly smaller for added mobility. In an effort to attract young consumers, Coca-Cola has also begun using four different slogans. Between the sleek can, designs and slogans, the QR codes will undoubtedly be scanned by their target demographics.
To further enhance the packaging’s appeal for younger consumers, Coca-Cola has started the campaign with four different catchy slogans. If you’ve seen the new Coke cans I’m person, let us know what you thought by comennting here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages