CO2Code: A Barcode for Carbon Neutral Product

co2code carbon neutral barcodeA company called eFormic has recently developed a barcode for carbon neutral products called CO2code, which could be placed on any number of goods that have been carbon neutralized. Basically, eFormic would act as a middle-man to partner with carbon brokers and product makers to place their carbon neutral barcode on qualified products. In addition, the barcode label can be entered into eFormic’s website in order for consumers to learn more about which carbon-reduction projects were undergone. Consumers will also be able to use the barcode to suggest to the carbon brokers how they would like the products to be neutralized.

Currently, eFormic is working with some big-name companies that are interested in becoming, and being barcoded as, carbon neutral. However, eFormic would like to see the CO2code on a much larger scale. If you’re interested in making your product green, you can learn more here.

Only time will tell whether companies will become interested in the CO2Code… what do you think?